Writing An Essay Is Not For Everyone

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Writing an essay is not for everyone. And that's ok, because everything is not for everybody, just like swimming is not for everybody. Some people can recount times that they were just thrown into the pool at a young age, and so they wouldn't drown they ended up flailing their arms and legs around and then they are swimming. And then there are those who still don't know how to swim, but claim they do, and anytime you see them in the pool they are in the three feet, and waving their arms around in the water, as if they are going to magically swim. It's the same for essay writing, some people can sit down at a computer and write a good essay, grammatically correct, and engaging, and full of charged words, and be done in an hour or two, and then there are some that can't, like me.
For my common app essay, I wrote about the time I fell at the "Super Bowl" of cheerleading and cost my whole team the competition. While that was
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My essays have gotten better, and just like my essays, I have improved and changed. I struggled with writing essays, because I was too caught up in people telling me what to write, and how to write it. I struggle personally because I let people tell me how to do things, and I did not try and figure things out on my old and do them my own way. From childhood to now, being a 16-year-old girl in high school, writing essays has taught me that you can't follow the guidelines so closely, that you lose the ability to express yourself. How did something as "simple" as writing essays help me realize who I was as a person? Before I conclude my essay, I would like to thank some people. I would like to thank my teachers and parents for molding me into the young lady that I am today, and because of you all, now that I am a big girl, I can now write an essay. A good essay, one with five paragraphs, indented paragraphs, and an introduction and
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