Writing An Informative Piece On A Living Thing Using A Tree Map

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Class: Kindergarten Goal: Students will learn about living things and use a tree map to write an informative piece on living things.

Engage: The teacher will begin by inviting students to sit in front of the smartboard. First, she will read aloud the content and language objective and have students eco her. Then, the teacher will begin the lesson by telling the students that living things are things that are alive.
After going over what living things are the teacher will show the student a living and non-living game on the smartboard. The smartboard game will motivate the students and they will want to learn more about living things. Students will have an opportunity to turn and talk. During the turn and talk time the students will share with each other what are living things and give examples.

Explore: The teacher will take the students around the school and the school garden. Students will be able identify living things and write then in their circle map.

Explain: The teacher will explain to the students the qualities of living things. The teacher will tell the students that living things can breather, move, eat and drink. The teacher will show the class examples of things that are living and ask students questions why those things are living to check for understanding. The teacher
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Students will look at their tree map for ideas. The teacher will model an informative piece and sketch a picture and label it. In addition, the teacher will provide the students with a sentence starter. A________________ is a living thing because________________. The teacher will go over the content and language objective. Students will go back to their seats and be placed in groups based on their strengths. Teacher will walk around to provide modification/differentiation if needed. Teacher will gather students in front of the smartboard to discuss what they have
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