Writing Analysis : Writing And Writing

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Ever since I was young, English has always been one my least favorite subjects throughout school because I did not enjoying writing. Writing always frustrated me because it seemed so time consuming. But as I grew older I came to the realization that writing papers are not as hard as we set it out to be. If you formulate a method to how you will complete the paper, and follow through with it, it makes the entire process so much easier. For example, for all the students who procrastinate with their assignments until the day before it is due. Think about all the time and effort you have to put fourth to complete an entire paper in one day. Imagine how much less effort it would take to simply start working on the assignment at least four days before the required due date. You would only have to spend an hour or two a day to complete the entire essay. All you have to do is develop a plan as to what you want to accomplish each day and a writing strategy to following while writing. Throughout my English courses I have assembled my own writing strategies, and the first step to writing a good essay is pre-writing. Before I begin writing a paper, I usually try to begin writing my first draft at least four days before the required deadline. Once I begin, I reread the assignment as many times as necessary for me to fully understand the task as hand. After I am comfortable with what is required, I begin brainstorming any ideas that come to mind about the topic on the paper. After I feel

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