Writing And Mathematics, Two Vital Mesopotamian Creations

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Writing and Mathematics, Two vital Mesopotamian creations

What kind of world would we live in without being able to write or perform mathematic functions? Writing and mathematics are two of the most indispensable creations crafted by the Mesopotamians that helped shaped our society as we know it today. The Mesopotamian conception of writing allowed society to keep records, to document events, and to establish a formal educational system. With the ability to keep records, a system of mathematics was recorded which assisted in development of monetary systems, a way to tell time, the ability to build buildings, and the skills to survey lands. The expansion of knowledge delivered by the creation of Mesopotamian writing and mathematics was crucial to building the cultural society that has evolved from Meopotamian times to the present. Cultural and social evolution relys on the understanding of the past and learning from our successes and our failures. Therfore, record keeping was crucial to the nurturing the evolution of society. With the importance of record keeping being recognized, the Mesopotamians developed Cuneiform, the first recognized form of writing.. Initially, Cuneiform, meaning “wedge shaped”, existed as pictographs drawn in clay tablets by a stylus made of a reed. The tablet was baked in the sun making it practically indestructible. (World History book 7th edition) There were disadvantages to clay: large documents were heavy and once baked no changes…
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