Writing And Thinking For The Middle School English Language Arts Curriculum Essay

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The textbook that teachers in grades sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth grade at Wanye-Finger Lakes BOCES are utilizing Expert 21: Reading, Writing and Thinking for the Twenty-first Century (2010) textbook for their Middle School English Language Arts Curriculum. This textbook was published by Scholastic and is utilized as the curriculum that teachers are required to teach and modify as needed. The textbook is divided into eight workshops that present students with real-world themes. There are a total of three courses with two textbooks that align with each of the three courses. Within the Expert 21(2010) textbooks, each workshop is specifically divided into four sections. The first component of the workshop students’ encounter is Explore the Expert, these are short question and answer interviews with experts that have experienced or work in a field that aligns with the workshop’s theme. The Meet the Expert section of the workshop provides students with integral opportunity for students to connect their own lives and experiences and active their background knowledge on a certain theme. Students are introduced to an expert for students to build background knowledge about the topic being presented in the workshop. Students are then are provided excerpts from authentic texts, the reading excerpts are from classic and contemporary literature and informational texts. There are a total of seven text excerpts that students are to read, and respond to questions embedded on each
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