Writing And Writing Of Writing

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Writing can do wonders for you. It is an appreciable thing to do and not everyone can write it considerably. My mom one said that, "People with a peaceful mind and heart can only write something captivating." I lived and grew up my last 15 years in India. As a child I did not really enjoyed or loved writing a lot. The only time I had to write was generally in class or whenever I had homework, but it was not that fun for me. I can say that most of the writing and reading skills I learned from my grandparents and my parents and also from practice. When I was a kid I loved writing the short magical stories that I made up. Also, watching fairy tales movies. I guess I got a lot of ideas from that. However, my journey of writing started when I was a three year old toddler even though my family was not much of a strong reader. As it is said, "Behind every successful writing, there is a lot of reading." At first I used to scribble around with crayons and markers all over m notebook and my mom used to tell me that, "Archi try to write something out or maybe even draw lines!" Of course I did not know how to write since I was like three. My very first piece of writing I remember was when I wrote my name and address for the very first time. In India, I had to go to tuitions every single year like from first grade to tenth grade until I came here. It supposed to be like that there since education is hard and most of the parents have jobs. Well, it was like that for me. My very first
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