Writing And Writing Of Writing

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Through this semester I have done a lot of writing. All of which, I have not written before. For some of the writings it came easy to me of what to write and how to write it. However, there were some that I had troubles with in every way. As a writer, this occurs often. I had done different assignments this semester with writing.
One assignment that I worked on was the Writing and the Writer. I had to write about my writing life, whether it was in school, outside of school, and what I thought was my most successful writings. This was one of the assignments that just came to me, however it was a little difficult to get my thoughts on paper, but after a required visit to the writing center it came easier. It took me about a week to write it, not continuous of course. Then the rest was editing and revising. Before I was done with this writing I had about five drafts. I had one from the writing assistant visit, one from my professor, a couple I did myself, and at least one that I had my friends peer edit. By the time I had to turn it in I was fairly confident of my writing. I think the grade that I got on this assignment was more fair.
The next assignment was Experimenting with Writing. In this assignment, we had to write eight pages of new writing. We had to write a poem, description of a person or place, a letter, and a dialogue dialogue between two or more people and it could be fictional or real. This was another that came easier to me because I like to write poems and
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