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Like any other writing project, preparation is the primary and most important step. A resume that is merely “thrown together” can be quickly spotted by professionals and just as quickly cast aside. The resume must be focused on a particular field or job, clearly written, qualifications spelled out, and tailored to fit the desired position. Some general tips I have come across while reading Chapter 14, have been very useful and beneficial. For example:
Both your resume and cover letter must be typed. There are no exceptions to this rule. Ever! When I read this, it instantly made sense to me. The resume and cover letter is the first thing that the employer will see as far as first impressions, and you always want to make a great first
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This may sound silly and picky, but people notice attention to detail. In the field that I work in paying attention to detail is crucial. Depending on the type of job or field you are applying to where paying attention to detail is very, very important, this tip would be very important to use when writing your cover sheet and resume.
Do not fold your cover sheet or resume. Purchase a packet of 9”x 13” envelopes in which to send your materials. This is a great idea because folding your resumes and cover sheets creates folds that may make your resume hard to read, and anything that the employer is unable to read will easily be tossed to the side and not looked at again.
Do not handwrite the address on the envelope. Use a label or type the address directly on the envelope. Remember, first impressions are important. If you are going to have a typed cover sheet and resume, it is a good idea to use labels or even type the address on the envelope. It cannot be stressed enough how this is your first impression and it is the same as writing your resume or coversheet, if you have shabby handwriting, it is best to go with typing for the address. Keep in mind that your resume has to first get there, it has to be delivered by the post office first and if they cannot read it then your chances for the job will never even be given a chance because it never made it there.
Never send a generic photocopy of a cover letter or resume, even in the finest
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