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Writing Assignment 1 – Christ in Discipleship

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DSMN 500-D11
Discipleship Ministries




Christ is the central person in Christian discipleship. Without Christ, Christianity would not exist and there would be no followers of Christ. To be true followers of Christ, believers must be willing to learn of the ways and teachings of Christ. Christ is central to Christian discipleship because He is the teacher of His disciples. Through the Holy Spirit and Word of God, Jesus Christ calls His disciples to Him and then
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God disciplines those whom He loves and uses those whom follow His commandments. Jesus was hanged on a cross and crucified so that we would have the opportunity to be saved. He suffered for us, so we should take up our cross on a daily basis and follow Him. Christians must submit to Christ in order to be used by Christ. When a person submits to Christ, the Holy Spirit will empower him to be used of God. If a person does not submit to Christ, then the Holy Spirit will be quenched and the Christian will be disciplined by God. Disciples of Christ do not receive salvation because they obey God, but they obey God and submit to Christ because they have salvation (Rogers, Adrian, 2005). Jesus told the disciples that if they call him Lord they must do what he commands (Matthew 7:22). To be a disciple of Christ, we must submit to Jesus and trust that He is our Lord and Savior. We must have faith in Him and look to Him as our guide. Disciples of Christ should obey Jesus because God is not a man, but a sovereign God who has every right to command His disciples. Christ is not just a sovereign God, but also a saving God who suffered on a cross so that humans could receive salvation. Disciples of Christ who are saved by grace are not their own, but bought with a price that Jesus paid on the cross. Dietrich Bonhoeffer: The disciples are called blessed because they have obeyed the call of Jesus.2 To be a disciple of Christ, we must
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