Writing Assignment : Introduction And Goals

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Writing Assignment: Introduction and Goals

1. Where are you from originally? Are you currently working? If so, in which field and what position? If not, which field and position would you like to work in? If you’re not sure what you want to do professionally, tell us about that as well. My name is Kelvin Tan. I am from Myanmar aka Burma. Burmese language is my first language other than English. I came to United States 4 years ago with my mother and my brother as an immigrant.
I completed my high school in 2005 since we only have tenth grade as highest grade in high school.
After my high school, I studied computer science and business administrative as majors from UK program for two years. At the same time, I also worked my way up to become warehouse supervisor in one of the wholesale companies in my country. I am currently working as administrative support supervisor in one of the retail stores located at Stanford Shopping Center.

2. What is your purpose for taking this course? For example: Professional development, personal development, communication certificate, communication major, Foothill GE requirement, transfer requirement, professional program requirement. If last two specify institution where requirement will be fulfilled. My purpose for taking this course is professional development and personal development but communication major requirement is one of the reason as well. Getting AA degree in Graphic Design and communication is my current main goal. I am…
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