Writing Assignment : Introduction And Goals

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Writing Assignment: Introduction and Goals

1. Where are you from originally? Are you currently working? If so, in which field and what position? If not, which field and position would you like to work in? If you’re not sure what you want to do professionally, tell us about that as well. My name is Kelvin Tan. I am from Myanmar aka Burma. Burmese language is my first language other than English. I came to United States 4 years ago with my mother and my brother as an immigrant.
I completed my high school in 2005 since we only have tenth grade as highest grade in high school.
After my high school, I studied computer science and business administrative as majors from UK program for two years. At the same time, I also worked my way up to
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Currently, I am taking this communication class, Graphic Design drawing class and social dance class. I believe this class can help me gain positive impact on my communication skill, personal development, professional development and becoming aware of the importance of career and leadership communication in the Global Workplace. 3. Where would you like to see yourself in your career one year from now? Three years from now? First, complete my AA degree of Graphic Design and communication by the end of 2015 and would like to start working as graphic designer in big company. After three years, I would like to be senior graphic designer or project manager in the field. My professional goal would be running my own business as an Entrepreneur.

4. What are three ideas/skills would you like to learn from this class to become a more effective professional communicator? For reference, see the list of course objectives on page 1 of the course syllabus. Why are these three ideas/skills important to you? Be specific and provide examples from your experience to support your points.

F. write a professional resume.
Since resume is the first meeting between you and a prospective employer, you only have a few moments to convince the employer that your resume deserves further attention before it 's trashed. Resumes tell an employer a great deal about you. Where you have been, where you are and where you are headed.
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