Writing Assignments For College And High School Essay

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Writing assignments in the past it seemed to be that we learned everything step by step, whereas in college there is much more expected from me as a writer. In high school, we were given a topic to write about whereas in college, we are given the opportunity to write about what we want to. When I am able to choose what I want to write about, it makes the writing process easier. When being able to pick your own topic for a paper, you can relate to the paper more, rather than having to write about something you know nothing about or a topic that isn’t interesting to you. The requirements for writing in college and high school are totally different. In high school a normal paper would be one to two pages long, where in college usually the minimum requirement is three to four pages. Most of the time, the hardest part is getting the word count required for the project. As this semester and writing class is coming to an end, I feel more confident in my writing skills. At The beginning of the semester I would still use my high school ways of writing. That was waiting until the night before or the day of to write my paper. By doing that I would leave out many things out of my paper. One of them was details. I would start talking about something and not go into depth about it. In the rough draft of the learning narrative project, there was a paragraph that was very vague. “At first I was hesitant to talk to other people so for a couple of days I just sat by myself. Then one day
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