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Welcome listeners to this week’s podcast of The Poet’s Voice, where we like to believe that poetry is language at its most distilled and powerful. I am your weekly host, Judy Robinson and this week, we are joined by the distinguished Professor Brianne Dwyer, who is currently lecturing Creative Writing at the University of Sydney. In today’s segment, guest Brianne Dwyer will be focusing on the influential and prodigious metaphysical poetry movement, most potent in the 15th to 16th Centuries.
Thank you for that kind introduction Judy, I am delighted to be a guest of your show this week! As you heard from Judy, I will be looking at a poetry movement from the 16th Century, however my particular area of focus today is on the renowned Metaphysical poet, John Donne, and his poem titled Woman’s Constancy. Those of you who are aware of Donne and his works will know of the challenging perspectives his poems held towards the common ideologies of marriage, life and death, religion and love, proposed by the Church of England.
Stylistically, Donne’s poems often present disputes between two lovers, his satirical and sometimes even sceptical interpretation of love and relationships, and also his ties to his faith and religion (Locklear, 2014). Donne’s visionary works led him to become a sole initiator of the metaphysical style of poetry. The ideologies of the time in which he was writing impacted his perspectives greatly, but also provided a stimulating and solid viewpoint from his
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