Writing Challenges In Overcoming A Fear Of Writing

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You want a question that brings the reader inside! You want a question to excite the readers, and pull them inwards, so they can connect to the story when you’re writing! When you are writing, you must pull the reader in! They must know what’s next!
However big or small, everyone has experienced challenges in life. A long time ago, a friend of mine once told me that to overcome a challenge; you need to embrace the problem instead of rejecting it. Now I realize what she was trying to say. When you have a problem, don’t run away from it, because then you will never learn how to rise above it. This is especially true in overcoming a fear of writing.
Overcoming a fear of writing is hard if it starts in kindergarten. I had the most beautiful handwriting in class. I had received many complements from my teachers for the writing workbook assignments. But I really never liked to write. I did not like writing at all! I had tried by best to be happy but it did not work well. When I wrote, I thought moodily, “this is boring.” When I wrote, I felt angry because I couldn’t spell all the words right. I did not know what to say or write down, and this caused me more frustration. After writing, my hands would feel tired. There was no happiness in writing for me, so decided to just give up.
Whenever I was forced to write for my portfolios by hand, I would always complain, trying to wiggle myself out of it. I would do preposterous things: I would whine, be very angry, frustrated,
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