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Welcome to diversity Every country from the world has its own culture and civilization. For my case I am from Morocco a country located in North West of Africa, widely open on the Atlantic Ocean from the west, and the Mediterranean Sea from the north, Morocco is the cradle of multiple culture and it is famous by its biodiversity when it comes to the languages spoken like in the next order Arabic, French, Berber, Spanish and English. Still what is amazing about this country is that you can find more than four different civilizations and they live peaceful sharing the same land. When it comes to religion, the only official is Islam – Sunni, whoever there is a minority of Christian and Jewish people living there too, in addition…show more content…
For women, they improve it to make a new dress over the ages, called Kaftan that is now the symbol for the Moroccan culture, it is like a Djelaba but with bright jewelry, ornament with some fancy breading work. The djelaba is an everyday dress for people because it is simple, customized but the Kaftan is a usually for just special social event like weddings and religious holidays. Despite it costs nowadays, every Moroccan woman must purchase at least one of those dresses a year. The Moroccan music is very various depending on the area where you are. I am going to mention just the most popular one; Gnawa, Chaabi and Malhoun. For Gnawa music, it was brought form the sub-Sahara and considerate very spiritual and mystical because it has special moves, rules to follow and special instrument, the sound of the music is just incredible. For the Chaabi style, it is like pop music in the United States, it was performed from the street markets in the beginning but now it is found in every celebration and event, what is special about this kind of music is it combines most folk music in Morocco, which created new style, Chaabi. In addition of those kinds we have the most sacred and traditional one; The Malhoun, we find this kind in the north of the country, especially Fez, the capital of the spiritual life. The
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