Writing Essay : My Narrative Of A New Phone

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The New Phone The mountain of papers on my desk towered over me, almost touching the ceiling of my room, daring me to challenge it. With a sigh, I began on the first paper. It took me a whole two hours to finish theat set of work, four times the amount of work I had compared to last year in sixth grade. I had been working on similar “mountains” all week long, and it was only the first week of school. When I came down from my room, my mom was waiting for me at the dining room, smiling. “You’ve been working very hard this past week, and I am very proud of you, and all the hard work you put in,” my mom told me, “And I feel that it is time for a new phone., Iif you can be responsible with your work, then I know you can be more than…show more content…
I will take you to get a case tomorrow.” my mom toldsaid to me.
“So that’s what had taken so long,” I thoughtthink to myself. “Thank you so much!” I tell her. She smiled at me.
“Let’s go home.” my mom said.
I didn'tdidon’t really remember going back home., I was much too happy to think about the returning home. Two days later, I brought my phone to school after getting a new case (despite my dad’s concern for me losing it). Then I brought my phone back the next day, and the next day and the next. Days became months, and months became years. The longer I kept my phone, the more I showed my responsibility. Then, after two years, my parents decided that I was ready for another new phone, just after entering high school. But that is another story for another time.
Looking back on it, I realize that I actually had matured during 7th. grade. A younger version of me would have given up after receiving so much homework. In fact, a younger version of me probably would have lost the phone. I had not noticed my steady maturity, since I was so busy working, but my mom did. I’m glad that my mom saw that I had grown and matured, even though I hadn’t noticed. This event taught me that people don’t always mature all of the sudden one day. Rather, one can gradually grow without even knowing it, until years have passed! After the years pass, it is then that you realize that you have grown, when you are old enough to
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