Writing For Our English Class

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Some Clamor Louder “Life is a small, spinning oyster, and it is one that I do not wish to eat.” Emily’s proclamations often situate themselves between the abstruse and the overwrought, and tonight, at this booth, in this sleek little Asian-fusion restaurant, she has welded both worlds. “Em,” I sigh, “there’s more on the menu than just seafood.” “Well, maybe I don’t want any of it. Maybe I want to starve.” “Fine, then starve.” In the eleventh grade, Emily presented an original poem for our English class––not to be graded, but out of creative expression. Before she began, she held her notebook page in front of us and fanned it around the room. Her words appeared as sharp streaks of red on an otherwise pale piece of paper. “I wanted to make it look like blood,” she prefaced, to which a few students sneered. I shot a glance at Ms. Ward, who was not doing a good job hiding her unease; one of her hands was prodding at her temple, a nervous habit that I had come to notice. Emily cleared her throat. “In the South Pacific, I dream of beaches I dream of leeches sucking my skin. Sometimes I wish they would suck me dry and other times I want to go home. In the Mid-Atlantic, I raise my hand, I wait politely to be called. I’m never called, I’m never called. My mom says, one day, it will work; I sneak Prozac from her purse. For now, I sit, I wait, I wish, for what, you ask? I’ll tell you now. I want to ride the greatest tide into the darkest pits of hell, I want to never want again, that

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