Writing For The Instant Messaging And Text Messaging Generation

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Another reason it is essential to place an emphasis on creative writing in the classroom is because of today’s rapidly developing society. As the world has become so technologically advanced, there have become more and more ways for people to use written communication to express their thoughts. Where there was once snail mail and emails, now things have become as instantaneous as a text message or Tweet. Since people seem to write with such haste and almost carelessness today, it is important for students to be provided with slower paced writing exploration in the classroom. In “Writing for the Instant Messaging and Text Messaging Generation: Using New Literacies to Support Writing Instruction,” Sheelah M. Sweeney states, “Teachers may be concerned about the way some students write […] imagining the potential negative impact on their students’ academic writing, but this interest can be an instructional advantage” (Sweeney, 2010, p. 121). While naturally there may be cause for concern with the way students can erroneously communicate so quickly through the written word, the unease teachers may have will actually be a good thing for students if these educators move forward with awareness instead of ignorance. Technology is one aspect of society that will not be regressing in the future, and the best way educators can adapt to this is by incorporating these advancements into the education of students in years to come.
This article states that instead of shunning
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