Writing From A Place Of Love And I Have Been Thinking About Writing

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Heather, This comes from a place of love and I have been thinking about writing this email to you since the wedding but wanted to wait until after 360 to write you about it. For the last year I have been trying to talk to you about and every time I try to bring anything up that bothers me , or that I notice you immediately go on the deep end. I feel like I can 't come and talk to you about things. So for a year or so now when I get mad at you I just stop talking to you, and hanging out with you. But then I miss you, and want to hang out again. So I do. But then the same thing happens, and its like this vicious cycle that I am tired of being in. But I feel like something has to change, or I am sorry we can 't go to on a wonderful…show more content…
More often then not we will be hanging out with just ourselves, or a group and all of sudden you will get really angry about something and start to yell at people. Your anger outburst usually only seem to last for 10 to 15 minutes or until you find a solution, and then like I mentioned you want to pretend it never happen. But your outburst does have an affect on the people around you. I don 't know if you do it to the people close to you because you think that they will bounce back, or if you realize how loud, and angry you get with people when you are feeling anxious. One time you blew up at me, because we were having ladies night at your house and I wanted to do something separate for dinner because I had to stop by the doctors really quickly. You told me that you had been buying food out, and yelled at me for changing plans. You made me feel like I was responsible for you buying food out that week. Another time was went I couldn 't grab you cider from the streets you blew up at me, and told me that you would have to get the ciders with the less nutritional values.You blew up at Ed and I when I was chilling at your house and asked Ed for a ride if he was going home as well. You wanted him to stay but instead of asking him too you just started yelling. I just left your house without saying goodbye. When Deglin dumped me around my birthday you got so upset with me because I
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