Writing Goodly: The Decline of Linguistic Skill Essay

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Few would argue with the statement that writing skills are in state of decline. It is readily apparent that something needs to be done to resolve the issues that are preventing students from grasping the fundamentals of composition. However, there is a divergence of opinion when it comes to determining the cause of the nation’s writing ails. Many blame technology, giving cell phones and television particular attention. Others give technology a more indirect blame, claiming that email, instant messaging, and cell phones have robbed students of a desire to learn proper writing skills. While these ideas may bear some truth, the root of the problem lies within the instruction of writing, which to a large extent is ineffective. The writing…show more content…
Clearly, many adults, who represent the result of education, cannot produce the clear and concise writing that effective workplace communication demands. This is a problem that comes not from a failure to retain acquired skills, but a failure obtain the fundamental principles of composition. Sam Dillon agrees, suggesting the problems at the corporate level can be traced back to high schools and universities. Standardized tests, which provide a snapshot of student education, provide the foundation of Dillon’s argument. According to the College Board in 2009, both reading and writing scores declined by one point while math scores held constant. In the past thirty years, critical reading scores have declined by an average of four points. Conversely, math scores have increased by twenty-two points over the same period (“SAT”). Though students show progress in other academic areas, these SAT statistics show that writing has actually gotten worse, and college-level English teachers agree with those results (Kling). An annual conference in Greeley, Colorado (tellingly entitled “The Millennial Challenge: Working with Underprepared Writing Students”), addressed common problems among university-level students and discussed possible causes. Many professors asserted that technological gadgets such as cell phones and instant messaging “run counter

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