Writing In Middle School

Satisfactory Essays
I never knew writing had such an abundant amount of alternatives for words that you could tweak, and build your writing even superior. Over the past two quarters of High School I have realized that there is a significant difference between what they expected you to write in Middle School, to High School. The differences aren’t something like “Okay, we expect you to write longer, and always give your information, but with a little something different.” It’s more about making sure your word choice, vocabulary, and especially your grammar for the reason that those produce the most impact in your writing. Middle School was more about teaching you how to start using the proper grammar, and vocabulary in your writing, but they do seem to make us…show more content…
Using transition words between paragraphs, and sections of your writing brings your writing together, and gives it a smooth transition. This is very important, because you won’t lose the reader if you have a smooth essay, etc. I know I’ve definitely benefited from using transition words in the past. I had someone read my essay without any transition words before, and they were losing attention to the essay. However, when I rewrote it, but this time with transition words I made another person read it, and they were really into it, and they were not losing attention, no pauses, and no comments until the end. Here is an example of one use of transition words from one of my essays. “However, this time he couldn’t.” This connects the part in the essay where Tybalt is not relaxed, to where he was attacking Romeo, and…show more content…
If you can make your conclusion correctly you can really wrap your writing together well, and it gives the writing another kick. To write a good conclusion, DON’T! and I repeat DON’T! use the generic “In conclusion, blah blah blah..”. Instead use something more unique. I personally like to forget about using obvious throwaway words. Instead, finish with a definite statement, one which the rest of your essay proves conclusively to be true. One example of how I did this is, “At the end of the story General Zaroff believes that Rainsford has simply given up and jumped off the cliffs and into the sea to meet his death…” This is how I started my conclusion to “The Most Dangerous Game”, a story about a man who is lost at sea, and sees his only chance at survival.. an Island in the dark. Little did he know there was a man waiting for him to play a little game.. Also, don’t forget to restate your thesis statement in your conclusion. Restating your thesis statement is a MUST when you are writing your conclusion. The completeness of my writing portfolio was I’d say mostly done. The only parts I’m missing are from before I moved here. Which include the “Copy of Baseline Essay - Reflection and Prediction Essay”, and the “Independent Reading Logs”. Everything that I needed to work on, and pass in from the future on from then was turned in
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