Writing Is A Difficult Process. Not Everyone Can Pick It

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Writing is a difficult process. Not everyone can pick it up as easily as others do. There are steps in order to have a good piece of writing. Once that is accomplished, there are infinite possibilities to what writing can do. Writing is a magical medium that requires time and practice to master. Writing is extraordinary, it allows the author to express himself in ways they wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise. In “What Writing Is: from On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft, author and novelist Stephen King claims, writing is “telepathy” (305). Telepathy a form of magic that allows two people to communicate without speaking (306). The only other way to perform telepathy is to use magic. Since writing allows anyone with any amount of talent…show more content…
After outlining and creating a basic thesis, I am usually able to create a good first draft. It took a while to develop this process. It only happened out of habit from having to write outline for a different writing class. However, having an outline helps with having motivation to write. I usually write over the outline so I am not staring at a blank page. It tricks my brain into thinking that I have written some part of the essay on the page. Not only does having an outline make it easier to begin writing, it makes the text clearer. If I hadn’t written without an outline, I would have written everything and anything that came into mind whether it related to my topic or not, which would cause confusion to anyone reading the text. Diaz’s difficulties with writing helps beginning writers to understand that even professional authors have trouble writing. The novelist and author Anne Lamott expresses how first drafts should be terrible in “Shitty First Drafts” from her book Bird by Bird (301).Before a perfect third draft there is an okay second draft and an awful first draft (301). It’s near impossible to write a perfect text in one try, there needs to be a draft where anything can and does happen (302). Throughout almost all of my writing experience, I never wrote first drafts. I never liked to write so I wanted to keep it to a minimum. The first draft was also the final draft no matter how bad it was and no matter how much

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