Writing Is A Process That I Have Learned

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Writing is a process that I have struggled with throughout my entire life. Last semester in ENGL 1101, I slowly began to understand the writing process. However, I still struggled with developing my essays. One aspect of writing effectively, that I feel I lack, is confidence. Last semester, I was slowly becoming more confident, but as the due date for this semester’s first essay approached, that little confidence seemed to disappear. The structure of the course, however, helped in gaining my confidence back. My first official writing was a biography for the portfolio. This allowed me to introduce myself for my professor. In less than a week, the major writing assignments started. As I finished one essay and began the next, I slowly gained confidence as my teacher encouraged my writing ability. One aspect of the writing process that was extremely helpful for building my confidence was the revision stage. Although personal revisions were helpful, the peer revisions were the most helpful for me. After the final essay, I felt much more confident in my ability to write. I believe I have become a much more effective writer, and through the structure of my portfolio, this will become evident. The first aspect of my portfolio was the revisions of two of the major writing assignments. By going back and reviewing and revising my essays, this allowed me to not only fix some of the major mistakes that I made but also learn from them. I choose my second major writing assignment to
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