Writing Is An Art That Improves Through Time With Consistent Practice And Exploration Of One 's Skills

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Writing is an art that improves through time with consistent practice and exploration of one’s skills. Prior to this class, I have always considered myself to be an efficient writer. However, my writing was limited in the scope of academic writing, due to the fact that throughout my high school career, that is the most of what was expected to be written from me. In this class I was able to dive further into my writing and explore with my skills in the context of creative writing, poetry, as well as fictional writing; something I had little to no experience in. With the correct guidance from you, my professor, and consistent practicing, I was able to create five pieces that I believe to be some of my best work in these particular genres of…show more content…
Like all works of writing, it is ultimately a work in progress, as is this writing. However, I still believe that it highlights a strong aspect of my skills; the ability to explore and execute. It was this assignment that ultimately pushed me through to the fictional realm of writing; the assignment that tipped me over the edge into a completely distinct writing than that of academic. It was ultimately the beginning of my transition into a greater work of skill as a writer. Thus, there was more work created throughout the duration of the class. The second work that is presented in this portfolio is a moment in time assignment that was written, titled “Life and Marriage.” This writing was very personal to me, similar to the creative nonfiction assignment that I wrote. As stated before, writing on the matter of personal experience is difficult to do. Nonetheless, I feel as though I excelled in this assignment in the sense that I was able to incorporate my ideas clearly and tell a story through my emotions, yet without clouding it’s intended message. This assignment has ultimately taught me the possibility as well as ability to incorporate personal experience to strengthen my work, and to create a meaningful lesson and interpretation from it. Every writing has it’s own meaning to it, and with this specific piece, I was able to
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