Writing Is An Essential Part Of Life

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Writing, it seems, is an essential part of life in our culture. It is prevalent throughout every stage of our lives. First appearing when we learn the skill in primary school, the responsibilities attached to some form of writing will not cease to continue through our high school years, our college years, and inevitably into our lives as working full functioning adults. Writing essays, research papers, emails, reports and reviews, writing even persists for most past retirement, only to ever end at the grave, and the final signing of ones will. While writing is nearly guaranteed to be an essential part in all of our lives, this does not mean that all writing performed by everyone is the same. Ones choice of profession has a major impact on the content of their future writing, both in the field and while earning the necessary degrees for entry into those fields.
While lawyers and traditional businessmen write more practical assessments, and business briefs, and those in more literary fields may have their time consumed by writing thick literary analyses of great works of literature, I have chosen a field of study with some rather different writing requirements from traditional writing. The main type of writing in in the field of computer science is the coding assignments given to students as practical lessons in coding different types of programs in different languages. Along with coding computer science majors also gain experience writing ReadMe files, along with more…
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