Writing Is An Important Aspect

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Essay Writing Essay writing is an important aspect, not just in the life of the average student, but also every other person in general. This is because they are not only used by to assess the performance of students, express ideas or develop creativity, but people regularly in their every day life also use them. For instance, when writing resumes, in publication agencies such as magazines and newspapers, writing contracts, journals, and for other reasons. There have been several improvements in my writing process as I have been able to practice and learn more concerning essay writing. This has helped to improve upon the basic knowledge I had about the subject, as I used to find it stressful when writing essays. Writing requires certain processes that enable one to create a good and concise essay, such as, pre-writing, organizing, drafting, revising, and editing (Sims, Chan, and Sethuram 374). These steps are necessary as they help one to generate ideas, plan the essay, make it easy to comprehend, and also use time wisely. When organizing the essay, it should have a topic sentence or thesis in the introduction, a body, and then the conclusion followed by salutations if required. With several improvements in these areas, I have also been able to work on the grammar aspect of the essay, including spelling, punctuations, and other areas. This helps make the audience or readers easily understand the essay. With the help of the Foundations of
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