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Writing is Good It is September 2016 and I am not that interested in reading. I really am not feeling this “reading” thing because I mostly only read for school and not for pleasure when I was younger. Sure, I know how to read, but I am not into it. I have recently read some books for pleasure, but not many tend to grab my attention and I tend to forget that I have checked out a book. I do not really hate or dislike writing though. It is true that I mostly write for school, but I do not hate it. In the summer of 2005, I was a five-year-old girl that loved to read books. One day, my mom is drove me to the public library to pick out as many books as I wanted. She finally found a parking spot that she liked and it is directly under a tree so the sun does not heat up the car to the point at which it could fry an egg. I took my seat belt off, jumped out of the car, stopped, looked both ways before I crossed the street, and raced to the alligator bench, stopped, and raced to the super cool and super fun automatic doors and waited for my mom to catch up with me. Now that my mom had caught up with me, we walked through those super cool and super fun automatic doors into the building. If I looked to my left, there was a water fountain with delicious water and if I looked to the right, there was a book drop. If I had any books, I put them in the book drop so the librarians could put them back on the shelves with all the other books. We have finally arrived to where all the books

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