Writing Is Not Magic Or Something That Comes Instantly?

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Writing is not magic or something that comes instantly, but writing is a skill that I earned by practicing, learning, and a lot of reading. Maybe there are some people who were born to be a good writer, but not everyone has a gift to become a good writer. Some people have to learn the hard way to become a good writer, and I think I am one of the people that learn with the hard way because I’m not really good at it. What is writing? Writing is a method of representing language in visual and form that contains ideas, imagination, and creativity of people. Writing teaches me how to compose and structured a good paper by following the rules and variations of the vocabulary. As an international student, I should have to fulfill the writing skills requirement for the University in the United States because writing is one of the most important skills that needed. There is so much reason why I have to learn to write, but I just mention one of the reasons is because writing can be applied to any subject to finish any task such as, making lab reports, proposal, and many other things. I went to University in the United States, which is University of Massachusetts Lowell, I got a small class for me to learn how to write, and this class consists of eight people that I think have the same level of writing, and everyone came from different countries. What I could learn from these challenges being an international writing community is, learn more about punctuation, share my opinion, and
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