Writing Is The Art Of Discovering What You Believe

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Writing is a unique language comprehended through the specific kind of symbols, alphabets, gestures, and other type of styles which creates the astounding language called writing. Writing is a style in which a writer expresses their own writing skills and experiences. Writing creates a gateway to escape life and form a new life in their own fictional world; a world in which the writers wants them to live their life. It also makes writers feel free of every life problems and help them become themselves. Writing is a work of art; its able to produced and mended in any way possible to create a wonderful piece of writing, such as books, papers, articles, novels, and other type of work styles. According to Gustave Flaubert, a novelist, “The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe” (Flaubert). Writing is a primary method to communicate with each other in many ways and in many conditions by writing a letter, any type of paper, signs, symbols, or in some other form of writing or typing. Now writing has become a main source of attraction through text messages, commercials or advertisements, famous quotes, catchy phrases, and other ways and styles of writing that attracts people.

Writing is a way of reminder for writers about their past experiences, struggles, and accomplishment and being able to put them into writing makes all those memories and moments permanent. It also helps them make their life more pleasurable and give them a way to imagine how they want to
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