Writing Of The Discipline Of Accounting

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Writing in the Discipline of Accounting Eduardo Salabert Durham Technical Community College Abstract This research focuses on the career of accountants in order to find some of the types of writing done in their field. It is also to help me better understand what accountants do and what types of writing are required as this is a career in which I am pursuing a degree. The methods used to gather information for this research were from primary resources: one email interview, also shadowing an accountant in order to experience what it feels like actually doing some of the tasks and secondary research: three articles from the web describing the types of writing and what information is portrayed in them. Each of the primary and secondary research completed helps me understand writing in the accounting field and how I feel about the career. Writing in the Discipline of Accounting Early in 9th grade I began to show an interest in the business world. One of my family members was finishing her Bachelor’s in Business Administration and she would tell me key points of her lectures and I would write it down and study it. As I progressed through high school I started to gain an interest of how business transactions are done and who keeps record of it so that the company can be successful. That’s when I started researching the field of accounting. Accountants have one of the most crucial jobs in any small company or corporation and it’s often

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