Writing Out Notes And Homework On A Computer

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With technology’s new advancements, students are getting their homework done a lot sooner than they used to by writing their notes out on the computer instead of on paper. Is getting homework done faster worth having to study longer later? Writing out notes and homework by hand has more educational benefits than typing notes and homework on a computer. Various studies have proven that writing notes have a variety of benefits that exceed those of typing notes on a computer; retention rate, distractions, and higher grades. In an experiment done by Mueller and Oppenheimer, students were instructed to take notes, some students did so by hand, others by laptops. Afterwards, they were given a test on what they took notes on. Students who wrote their own notes in their own words out-performed those who didn’t. “Those who typed notes were inclined to transcribe lectures, rather than process them.” (Meyer) When you take notes, you are essentially studying those notes by interpreting what the professor is saying and writing it down in a way that you would understand. People are generally more likely to write down what the teacher is saying in a class when they are typing because people type faster than they write. However, by doing this, you miss out on an opportunity to store the information in long term memory at that moment since you are so focused on getting everything the teacher is saying instead of what is most important. An experiment performed by three scientists by the

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