Writing Papers On The Middle School

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Throughout my entire life – just like anyone else – English and writing papers has been present. In our society, writing papers is a necessary part of educating our youth and helping them to become smarter individuals. For me, these papers have always been a dreaded experience. As soon as a teacher starts talking about a paper that is coming up, my brain instantly starts freaking out. From one-page papers that had to be written in middle school, to a twenty minute presentation I had to give at the end of my senior year – and everything in between – my fear of writing spans over most of my life and doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Middle school was a prime time for teachers assigning papers. I wouldn’t even be able to count the number of papers I was forced to write during my time in middle school. Most people look back at their middle school years and remember all the crazy antics that come with being a middle school aged kid; not me. My memories of middle school are overshadowed by memories of long nights sitting at my dining room table agonizing over a book report to about The Giver, a paper about Auschwitz, and a biography I had to write about my sixth grade teacher – just to name a few. These may not seem like such a big deal to some people, but for me they were some of the most difficult assignments. Fast forward to high school. I went into my freshman year confident that I had a handle on my fear of English class. I had won the spelling bee at the end of my
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