Writing Power Definition

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1) What is the connection between reading & writing? (2 points)
The connection between reading and writing is that when you write you should write for the reader. In writing for the reader, the thought is that writing and reading holds and intimate connection.
2) What is Writing Power? What is the Writing Power framework? (10 points)
Writing Power is an approach to writing instruction that builds a stronger writer in those who use it. Writing power is a way to develop the writer in students and to develop the skill of writing with the reader in mind. The framework of Writing Power is to find and organize your ideas (planning), to write, have a conference with a partner and edit, and then share and publish (sometimes). This is typically done
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She tried her best with the hand that she was delt to take care of her children the best that she could. She had a huge heart and would help anyone she could in any way that she could. She was a fighter, in life and when facing death, and taught me to never give up. She was quirky and made me laugh every day. She was my best friend at the end. Now she is an angel watching over me, and I know that she is there. There are signs all the time that make it clear that I am never without her.
11) How does voice improve a piece of writing? (5 points)
Writing with voice will give a writing piece more fluency and a rhythm in which it reads. This also brings the piece to life, almost like someone is saying it to you and you are not reading it. Writing with voice can deepen understanding of the topic and really gets the attention of the reader.
12) If you were to write a story, which type of lead do you think you would use? Why? (6 points)
If I were writing a story I think I would use a ambiguous lead to grab the readers attention. This can be a great way to start a piece out in a mysterious way so that it will engage the reader and draw them in to figure out exactly what this exciting start to a story will lead to. I have written in this way and it can be fun to create the mystery and then clue in the reader on what the mystery is all about. It can keep them reading until they find out, or until the
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