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WRITING TASK 1 The table below presents information about the Australian economy in the late 1980s. Write a report describing the trends in profits shown in the table. You should write at least 150 words. TABLE 1: COMPANY PROFITS BEFORE TAX, BY INDUSTRY ($ million) |Period | Manufacturing |Mining |Retail Trade |Other | |1986-87 |4,650 |3,840 |612 |1,232 | |1987-88 |6,615 |3,816 |886 |1,511 | |1988-89 |8,617…show more content…
In an increasingly competitive global economy the first country may severely disadvantage itself by such an action. New technology is essential for a country's economic development. The best approach is to positively encourage the development of new technologies and to focus on their benefits. Any problems that may arise can be dealt with after implementation. Practice Writing Test 2 WRITING TASK 1 Table 1 below presents the perceptions of Chief Executive Officers and their partners as to the main sources of stress in the CEO lifestyle. Using the information in the table, describe and compare the ways CEOs and their partners perceive pressures in the CEO lifestyle. You should write at least 150 words. Table 1 Perceptions of pressure in the CEO life style-top ten rated sources of stress (percentages) | Factors perceived to produce stress | Perceptions of CEOs |Perceptions of spouses/partners | | | | | |Time pressures and deadlines |52 |60 | |Demands of work on private life |48 |23 | |Demands of work on relationship with family
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