Writing Process And How It Has Good And Bad Habits

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Having a habit can either better or destroy one’s life. Habits are considered to be things we preform continuously which is usually something that is hard to give up. As humans, we all have good and bad habits, it is just the size of the matter that depicts how one deals with it. I have a bad tendency to procrastinate. This leads to the struggles of putting effort and time into certain things that deserve it, trying to catch up on my work, and delaying my already poor writing process even more. In order to overcome my bad habit, I need to put my own time and effort in planning out how much time I need to spend on my assignments in order to get the best grade I can. Susan Wyche explained procrastination and how it has good and bad sides. What I can add to the conversation of the writing process is that procrastination has no sides but bad. Although it gives me time to figure out what I would like to say, I cannot think of a worse thing to do than procrastinate. During my process of writing essay one I attempted to squeeze 2-3 days of work into 1 night and it all backfired. From prewriting like crap to a sloppy performance actually writing, I knew I had a bad habit to break. I must prepare and prewrite to have a better outcome for my essays rather than just produce words that sound good. Katelynn Rizzuto, a fellow classmate, explains in blog 3 how she has a bad habit of procrastination she needs to break. She writes, “While writing essay one and creating a writing log to…
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