Writing Process Over The Past Years Essay

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Throughout my writing process over the past few months,I have grown so much!I have learned so many different techniques and different ways to check over my writing.After reviewing my past writings I can see all the little flaws that I made and had no idea that it was wrong. It feels very refreshing to look over something I did a few months ago and know the mistakes I have made, and more importantly know how to fix these minor and some large mistakes. I am ready to move on with my academics and career with as prepared as I am today. I have used many useful websites to help me get through these essays and writing papers. I have used college based websites, including BGSU,and new’s pages including WTOL and 13 ABC. I also have used a very helpful website named citation machine. This website helps me make sure websites are credible.These have helped me get useful and informative information that I can rely on being truthful.I now believe i have a great set of researching skills that will help me immensely with being successful with my career. Another way that I used to go through my papers is having many peer editors. My friends from other classes went threw and commented on my paper. Each person would find different mistakes that I have done wrong. But they were all easy fixes. Along with my friends, I had my teacher look through my paper and comment things I could improve on. Having editors has helped me a lot!Seeing all of the different errors that each person caught really

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