Writing Programs On A Block Programming Environment

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I am writing to find out whether writing programs in a block programming environment is more effective compared to a high level language. I will look at both block programming environments and high level languages by researching and explaining what each of them are but also by giving examples of programs made using them and by focusing on both the advantages and disadvantages of writing programs in these ways. I will compare the two together and decide whether they are suited to complex or simple situations and also as well as this will look at whether the programmer needs knowledge on how to create a program using them. Computer languages are used to create programs and are set of instructions which the computer uses to run a program. There are a lot of computer languages however, they all have different features.One of them is high level language. The advantage of using high level language is that it’s person friendly, so humans can understand it easily as it’s written in text which means that it’s also easier to write and maintain. High level language is also portable and can work across different CPU families and as well as this it supports a wide range of data types. An another advantage of using it is that it programs faster and takes less time to code. A disadvantage of using high level language to program is that it needs to be translated into machine code before it can be executed so that the CPU can run it as computers only use and understand binary data. This can
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