Writing, Reading, And Reading

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Personal Statement #1: UC Irvine Writing and reading, to me, work harmoniously. They go together like peanut butter and jelly - although I am not that fond of peanut butter. Nevertheless, it is essential to read in order to experience growth in one’s writing. As it is essential to write, so there could be more voices and more books of ones liking out in the world to read. Reading was one of my favorite activities as a child (and still is). Books took me to other realms and made me experience feelings I did not know boiled inside of me. Checking out books from libraries was one of the few luxuries I had as a child. It made me happy to read, and when I discovered writing, it made me even happier to write. As I grew, I learned that someone else’s words were captivating and moving me. Books became more than words on a page. They became someone’s thoughts and ideas, someone’s passion that were translated into spellbinding stories. There was one book in particular that had engraved the value of writing in my mind. It was a story about a boy who lived and his name was Harry Potter. After being forced to read the first installment of the Harry Potter series in third grade, I was oozing with wonder and astonishment at what JK Rowling had made me feel. In addition to my pre-teen troubles, I was dealing with newfound grief from JK Rowling’s words. I was emotional and desperately wanted to know what was going to happen next, but the rest of the Harry Potter books were not yet

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