Writing Reflection

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The four writing prompts over the course of the 2017 fall semester, have brought out different strengths in my writing. In the past, my English teachers gave similar prompts and I began to feel comfortable in those forms of writing. This semester has challenged what I always knew and made me work harder to produce a finished copy. In each project there was a different target audience and also a different tone and voice needed to successfully complete each assignment. I have developed deeper skills in critical thinking and revision skills as well as became a more direct writer. Becoming a more developed writer is the of the main goals of a composition class. Starting out, I was confident in great word play, coming from the fact that is what my teachers looked for in high school. In this class I noticed that the diversity in topics provided a variety of ways to convey my messages across. For example, in my literacy narrative, I reflected upon myself. My voice was informative and I had more of a relaxed tone, this happened solely because I can explain my personal stories better than anyone else. In that essay, I had to relay keen facts and sensory imagery so that my audience could feel as though they were there. Another example of diversity in tone and voice is my rhetorical analysis, in which I used a more persuasive choice of writing. The writing for change and career analysis pieces were based upon combining sources and personal opinions. This created a credible paper to
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