Writing Skills And School Habits

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For me, writing has always been a challenge. I always felt like that I could not express myself with the words I had been taught or that somehow I had been left out on the instructions on how to properly write. It’s always frustrated me that writing has been a challenge, and that may be why I enjoy reading so much because other people seem to have a way with words that I don’t. I love reading other people’s words a lot more than my own so much so that I tried avoiding writing as much as possible. Of course, school involves a lot of writing so it was not like I could permanently avoid it as much as I wish I could. So when my teacher announced that our class would be writing plays individually and turning them in to a theatre company, I was not at all excited. I was more like terrified about someone reading some trashy play I wrote. This moment in my life, however, changed my writing skills and school habits quite unexpectedly. The experience of writing my own play and having it performed was significant to me because it taught me about procrastination, hard work, and originality. 5th grade was like any other school year except that there were a lot more expectations and responsibilities to go along with it than the previous years, and Mrs. Schillinger definitely expected a lot from us, at least what I thought was a lot. “Class, today, I would like to announce a new writing assignment!” she exclaimed with a shining smile that it blinded the first row of kids. Moans

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