Writing Skills, Oral Communication, And Confident Level

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People change by time goes by, so do I, especially in academic perspective. What usually happen to me when it is approaching last week of the semester, I tend to compare myself in the present to myself in the past. There are many aspect that I look to create subjects of comparison for a certain class such as writing skill, oral communication, and confident level. English 150 is one of important class that I can use to measure my academic level. A lot of important things I learned in this class for this semester, which I can use to improve myself especially in generating ideas, revising compositions, and improving editing process. Idea is the first thing we need to have before working on our composition so that it can lead and keep us on our objective in writing an essay. In this class, I notice that before working on any assignment, my instructor always ask the whole class to write down any ideas we have to do the task. The reason why she gave us specific time to think and write our ideas is she want to train us to “brainstorm” before doing something. This is how I generate my idea and choose the best option that I have using the list of ideas that I have from brainstorming process. This process can be interesting part of generating idea because I just write what I have in my mind even though it is not logic and impossible to do. However, here come next step, which give solution to the brainstorming process. I used to call it elimination process. In this process, I need
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