Writing Strengths And Weaknesses

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When it comes to writing and studying I am definitely not the strongest. I personally believe that I get distracted way too often when doing any school work and I’ve gotten too accustomed to it, and due to that I’ve gotten myself in a situation where i believe that I am bad at history even though it really is due to my weakness. Essays i could write at home always gave me a bit of relief when inside of my English class, but in all actuality it never truly benefited me, it just game me more time to do last minute or poorly thought out work. My typical routine when working on an essay would be, work on it for 10 minutes go do something else for around 30 minutes to even an hour and repeat it until i generally had about an hour left and rushed to get it done. In my 12th grade English class in contrast we would often have timed writes and when working on them I always felt more focused and aware of what I was writing, and ultimately felt that I was writing better papers in the piece and quiet of the class. English isn't my only weak subject it really is a lot of my subjects that I am required to take notes and study the topic in order to get a good grade, and while I personally dislike classes where all we do is take notes it still serves as a warning for me to get better at focusing on the task at hand or I won't ever really learn…show more content…
A major reason for some of my poor grammar is largely due to me rushing things when writing a paper and overlooking the poor choices in my writing. To add on to my previous statement I also seem to have trouble when it comes to writing about novels and writing in a consistent point of view as one of my old papers had constant point of view changes which ultimately weakened the paper and even though I later became aware of it i still from time to time do this mistake but a I have become more watchful for
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