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Writing Styles In this essay I will be going into detail about three different writing styles used in health and social care. I will also be comparing the writing styles against each other. Persuasive Writing – Persuasive writing is all about trying to get someone’s attention on something. Persuasive writing use’s specific features which help the information used to become persuasive towards the audience. This could include using present tense, using emotive language, using rhetorical questions, making opinions sound like facts, as well as using powerful verbs and adjectives etc. Persuasive writing can be linked and used in many different ways. One of the ways would include health and social care. This could be linked by usage in…show more content…
The journalist also always puts out a headline that would immediately get the audiences attention. The headline is always the art of the journalist work, as they see this as an opportunity to sell their story; headline could be short, snappy, and catchy. After the headline the journalist provides the audience with a short paragraph which sums up the story, some see this as a short introduction. The journalist does this to gain the audience interest. Most people know that a person’s eyes are always sighted upon small amounts of writing and imagery. So the short paragraph would make the audience show some interest towards the story. In health and social care journalistic writing is used a lot, whether this is about the stories about the NHS being published. Or when major illnesses or problems are coming. An examp0le of this would be when we went through the period of swine flue; wine flue was making its front page everywhere. This not only was a disaster but it was the journalists dream, as they new it was a hot topic to write about as it would gain many peoples attention, this would also push the journalists ratings up. All three writing styles are different from each other in variety of ways. We see as persuasive language as a main way to get the attention of someone, where as reflective language is where you speak about what had happened through-out the day. However journalistic writing talks about

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