Writing Styles of Sylvia Plath Essay

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The Life and Writings of Sylvia Plath After reading and discussing many poets and their written work, I have realized that not only pain, but any emotion that the poet is feeling, plays a large part in how the poems express themselves through their writing. I have chosen to explore Sylvia Plath and the poems she has written and how her pain and personal experiences have influenced her poetry. Similar to many other authors of the twentieth century, Sylvia Plath’s writing was influenced largely by her depression and mental illness. I found it rather interesting that her life began during The Great Depression and that from a young girl at the age of eight she was suffering and battling her own personal depression. It’s almost as…show more content…
The year they divorced, Plath wrote the poem “Tulips”. Some say that this poem was written to help her cope with her post-partum depression. One example of this would be that she gave the tulips life-like characteristics. In lines thirty-seven and thirty-eight Plath personifies the tulips by saying she can “hear them breath/lightly through their swaddlings like an awful baby”. This is a great example of how one might assume Plath was trying to get her fears of being a mother out. Although, she loved her children, she still somewhat pictured a baby as awful. Already suffering from depression probably intensified her post-partum depression much more than a “normal” woman might experience it. Sylvia started her writing shortly after her father’s passing and increased in emotional force as she got older and matured. The more pain she felt and the more she suffered, the more intense her literary work became. Her life was obviously filled with pain and agony. It’s quite clear that her writings were influenced by all of the happenings in her life and not only her father’s death. It’s most probable that Plath’s depression caused chaos in her marriage and home life, well-being, and eventually led her to take her own life by inhaling fumes from a gas oven that she had turned on in February of 1963.

I attached this poem to my review because we didn’t review it in class and wanted to ensure you had a copy to
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