Writing Techniques In Frankenstein

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Young Author, Mary Shelley has directly advanced our view on the world and have caused us to become skeptical of one's knowledge constantly, as we deeply engage in her writings. She has used writing techniques that were beyond her time along with utilizing complex methods to convey information to the targeted audience. Her intense, fictional stories compel readers and draw in various audiences of all ages. Shelly’s life story is one of the most tragic, sorrowful tales is on it own, as it has influenced many of Shelley's novels, and is oftentimes displayed in her woks. One of her most famous novels, that has made its mark in the history of literature, is Frankenstein. This novel revolves around a, what is known as a “mad scientist”, Victor Frankenstein.…show more content…
He visions his terrible monster and is abhorred, causing him to abandon it . The monster and Victor go through tragic misfortunes and fight against each other in order to seek what they believe is justice. In multiple famous literary works, the author has created a developing relationship between the two protagonists and have usually at one point constructed the story in so that, one protagonist has a change in heart or personality. This advancement over throws readers and often acts as a rising action or climax of one's story. However Shelly has took this once subtle innovation and has given it a new meaning in her novel, Frankenstein, as she has developed a relationship between the two protagonists, Victor Frankenstein and the monster, that cultivates the novel forward, further grabbing the reader's attention. Shelley’s complex, and artistic style of writing was emphasized when caught intonating a distinct, analogous relationship between Victor Frankenstein and the monster, as they both experience feelings of confinement, seeked knowledge and devotion to a dangerous extent, along with carrying a vengefulness towards one each
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