Writing : The Development Of Writing

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The development of writing begins as early as we learn how to write letters in preschool or kindergarten. Writing grows as we learn to read and write throughout our school days and beyond. Everyone has a unique story of his or her writing experiences; some have horrible experience, while others may have mentors that inspired them. One’s history, experiences, issues and the process of writing, all plays into how I, myself progress in writing. Many years have passed sense learning to write, that there is little that I recall. There was really no such thing as preschool when I was young. But, like most small children, learning to hold a pencil and writing on wide, very wide line paper by following the dotted line to form letters is how I learn to write letters. While preschool was foggy, third grade contains a small memory of writing. I went to three school that year but the second school our teacher had us write and draw a picture story, mine was about a car accident. It seemed like a weird thing to write about but looking back it must have been a lesson on safety. I may have remember this because I actually still have it. Subsequently, in middle school and high school years I recall writing a lot more. Writing many reports or essay on factual subjects: the first president, on elephants, and “Kill of The Mocking Bird” were a few that I remember. Even though in eleven grade I took a speech class, the subject matters are not in focus. Most likely block it out
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