Writing : The Learning Experience

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Madison Burns
Oct. 29th, 2015
Writing 7-2
Slone The Learning Experience I open my eyes facing a blue wall. I turn over now face the ceiling.The sun pears in at me throw the window, a smile come across my face, "Today I get to learn to ride a bike, and it 's my birthday!"
I jump up on the bed, jumping around on the bed I hop onto the floor. My clothes are already picked out and laid on the back of my chair. Throwing on the blue shirt and white shorts, I walk out of my room heading down too eat breakfast. After my breakfast, I throw on my shoes and walk outside where everyone is, they all look at me, then at each other. My dad goes first. " Happy birthday Crystal" My dad said with a mouth full of sunflower seeds. "Um... First; that 's gross, and second; thank you." I jump off the steps, landing with a thump. "The bike is first before you open presents." Dad said. "Yay, I can learn to ride a bike. This going to be so fun!" I yelled.
Britt was standing next to a bike, it 's a green and blue bike, at least those are my favorite colors. I run up to Britt. "Ok get on the bike then I will push you off. And you push forward on the petals to move." Britt explained. I hopped on the bike, one foot on the ground, the other on the petal. Britt stared to push forward. There was a little wobbling but not a lot. Britt stared to speed up, and then with one more step she pushed me forward. The
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