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Writing Up Controlled Assessment Investigation One TASK 1 Front cover with: Your name GCSE BUSINESS STUDIES CENTRE NAME: ST JAMES CENTRE NUMBER: 12278 CANDIDATE NUMBER Controlled Assessment B Deb’s Café Some pictures Page number your document. Make sure you use the same font of the same size throughout. The exception is headings which can be larger. Only include the actual headings suggested (which are in bold and underlined) and not Task 2, 3 etc. There are marks for punctuation, spelling, grammar and the use of business language. TASK 2 Headings: Investigation 1 Recommend whether or not a franchise is the best way for Deb to market her business. Introduction a) Explain the main features of franchising. Include a…show more content…
In your answer you must refer to: The case study information about Deb. The Information in Fig 2 How the franchisor will possibly make it more difficult for Deb with: The price of her products (no control over price as franchisor determines the price; the price set might be too high for local area) The promotion of her café (Deb will have to pay towards the cost of the franchisor’s promotion which may be more than she would want to, this adds to the cost of running her café; she is effectively contributing to national TV campaigns, ie promoting to people all over the country many of whom will never go near her café) The products (no say in what she sells so any imaginative ideas for new
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