Writing Was The Ultimate Stress Reliever When I Was Growing Up

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Writing was the ultimate stress reliever when I was growing up. With the ballet, violin and tennis lessons in addition to the endless amount of school homework, writing was like an oasis to me, something that kept me going when I was struggling to manage my daily activities. I would write about almost anything: places I would like to travel to, short stories for fictional characters whom I drew inspiration from characters on television, and even creating stories with me as the main character to spice up my mundane life. The rush of adrenaline when I came up with a new idea, the sense of satisfaction I felt when I read through my essay and the joy I felt when my family and friends enjoyed reading my stories were just few of the many reasons why I loved to write. However, I started to despise writing because of the lack of confidence in the quality of my essays when I started middle school. The constant worry of needing to write an essay in a particular format to get a good grade and the inability to accurately pen down my ideas on paper made me lose my interest in writing completely. My fear and dislike for writing began during the third year of middle school when I was introduced to the world of argumentative and expository essays. The terms thesis statement, elaboration and analysis all sounded foreign to me and I struggled to grasp the basic understanding of an argumentative essay. To make it worse, I was required to write an argumentative essay immediately after learning

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