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Writing Improvements Writing in college is often a huge transition for incoming freshman that do not have a very good writing background. I came from a high school where education was not taken very seriously, and the teachers did not take pride in their teaching. My grammar and punctuation skills were weak, and the whole thought of writing a four to six page essay was a very stressful thought. At the beginning of the semester I had already learned more in writing then what I had learned in my whole four years of high school. I have passed essays two and three and have started to see my writing skills progress as the semester goes on. The progress I have made throughout the semester is why I feel I should pass this course. I have learned proper grammar, developing paragraphs, and my incorporation of sources has improved to back up my writing. To start, my grammar and punctuation had me worried when beginning this class. I remember starting this class my teacher had mentioned that having more than 15 errors was a not passing essay. I was not for sure how to write a proper essay with proper punctuation and grammar, and within the first few weeks of class I felt I had learned more in writing than I had in all four years of high school. With using proper punctuation my biggest struggle was using commas. I struggled all throughout high school, and I feared this would really affect my papers in college. Within the first two weeks I had finally learned the proper use for commas,

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