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Writing In biology has taught me a lot about scientific writing and just writing in general. From this class I feel as if my writing skills have drastically improved over the semester, making me a more proficient writer. I used to consider the task of writing appalling and demanding as it would take me hours to complete, but now at the conclusion of the semester that is not the case. Each project give me a new set of valuable skills that I will be able to use far into my future career, helping me along the way. Journals Writings and Perfect Paragraphs At the start of the semester I perceived of the task of writing three hours worth of journals a week rather demanding and as if no benefit could come from such a task. Despite this initial feeling however, I found just the contrary now that the semester comes to an end. The journal writings forced me to revamp my overall writing style, teaching me how to just write what comes to mind, making the process more fluent and efficient. Prior to this change I would spend a vast amount of time writing each sentence as I would critique and edit as I wrote. Not only do I find my newly discovered method of writing to be more efficient but also it leads to a more natural flow and feel in my writing. The journal writings were in my opinion very important to my advancement to become a better writer. Perfect paragraphs taught me a vast amount as well, as I was now forced to take some of my roughest writing, and make it as perfect as I can

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